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Reforesting the future 
We aim to plant millions of new trees to reduce the level of CO2 worldwide, stabilize microclimates, reestablish Amazonian biodiversity, reduce worldwide temperatures, and normalize levels of oxygen and rainfall by using Blockchain technology to promote responsible use of trees.

As the Amazon goes, so goes the Earth. 

Studies reveal that in the last 40 years alone, we have lost 25% of the Amazon rainforest.


—Jorge  Zuniga 


Blistering heat waves, and out-of-control wildfires

This deforestation has brought not only famine to the Amazonians due to the loss of native animals and fruits but is also impacting the environment with countries around the world.


—Jorge  Zuniga 


Global warming has devastated the quality of life of its inhabitants.

The Amazon has become a center of illegal logging and mining, cocaine production, sex trafficking, and narco-terrorism.


—Jorge  Zuniga