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We are happy to be part of this great project in Santa Clara - Yarinacocha in the Peruvian jungle. There are more than 1000 trees planted by the same shipibo-conibo natives, where Misael is the one who directs all the work. Yes! it's the guy from the first photo above, we appreciate your work and passion for preserving the Amazon. Help us to continue planting trees in the Peruvian Amazon. Native communities need our economic help to preserve the rainforest on a large scale.

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The world cannot stand still, doing nothing, that is why Arbol International's mission is to save the Amazon. It seems utopian, but it is as real as thinking about our children and grandchildren. And not just our family breathing fresh air, but for families in native communities.

There are many people outside, who do not believe that the forest is important for our breathing, for each in each heartbeat.

"The indigenous people have shown that they have the ability to manage resources responsibly," claim the Shipibo, who have lived with the Amazon rainforest for some three thousand years.

Traditionally the Shipibo are semi-nomadic. The current 32,000 members of this indigenous people, who are divided into some 150 communities scattered along the Ucayali and Amazon rivers, between Pucallpa and Iquitos, moved in groups that ranged from a few families to hundreds of them. They came to a place near a river and a lagoon, built their houses, cultivated, hunted and fished for a few years, until the resources were no longer so abundant. Then they moved to another place. They abandoned their houses and their crops, which the immensity of the Amazon jungle was devouring little by little. And start over.

"The indigenous people have shown that they have the responsibility to manage resources in a responsible manner," however they do not have the scope of organizations like Arbol International or others to improve joint work. We all have a responsibility to continue conserving the resources we have, and not just for the community, but for the world.

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Join Arbol International's social programs.

Carlitos and Fiorella come every day at around 12 pm to the house of Gabi, one of our collaborators, to receive a delicious lunch for a very basic cost. She is happy to enjoy a really tasty and healthy lunch. Her parents still cannot overcome the economic situation after the pandemic and it is that they lost their jobs in local businesses.

Programs like these try to smile back at children in the midst of uncertainty. "Our vision is to plant trees and create a culture of a self-sustaining environment, but when humanity is at stake we also put our hearts and our resources" says CEO Jorge Zuniga.

Donate so other children can enjoy super cheap lunches throughout the territory of San Jose de Yarinacocha in the Peruvian jungle.

We appreciate your detachment.

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