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Development in the native community Santa Clara de Yarinacocha.

Updated: May 17, 2021

Arbol International has been working for nearly 10 years in the development of a self-sustaining Amazon. This work has borne great fruit in the field of micro-businesses, promoting work and studies for young people from the most vulnerable communities in Ucayali (Peruvian Jungle). The Native Community of Santa Clara is 15 km from Puerto Callao, on the left bank of the Yarinacocha lagoon (1 hour and 10 minutes by motor boat or peke a community of the Shipibo - Conibo ethnic group; its inhabitants still preserve the culture of their ancestors and they work in agriculture, crafts and fishing.

The planting of native species such as Bolaina by "local communities in their own territories" thus maintains a sustainable economy while allowing to alleviate the effects of the climate crisis with a conservation model that also includes "social inclusion" , since these groups are beneficiaries of the resources collected "through the acquisition of native trees by companies or individuals."

Projects such as those of Arbol International offer "well-being and empowerment" to the communities "without forgetting their identity as Amazonian indigenous people through traditions and cultural manifestations that are still in force today" and that are partly developed through the trees planted now and that they will “care for generations” since they are in their own territories.

Arbol International invites the world community to participate in these types of projects, important in today's world.

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