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The beauty of Art "Shipibo - Konibo"

In their hands, they have the talent and each of their strokes preserves their identity. The ancestral art of the Shipibo-Konibo community has passed through several generations, has crossed borders and today is one of the most representative cultural expressions of the Peruvian Amazon. In their remarkable pieces, including ceramics, carvings and textiles, they reproduce the cosmovision of their world through geometric figures and a wide variety of colors.

It is a trade of great artistic richness whose designs go through a creative process that includes ayahuasca rituals. Through the consumption of this medicinal plant - native to the Peruvian Amazon - the artists visualize in their minds all kinds of images that they later capture in their final works. Each detail, shape, or color has its own meaning and vision of its culture, which is a source of pride for Peru.

Magnificent art

Recognized worldwide, the artistic work of the Shipibo-Konibo is their greatest cultural legacy. It is a tradition that they have been developing for centuries and that is transferred between each generation, being an activity that women learn from a very early age.