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The Shipibos Conibo: Guardians of the Forest

The Loreto and Ucayali Regions are the two largest Amazon regions in Peru and are traditionally occupied and protected by Indigenous Peoples, settled in native communities. Native communities have ancestral links with the Amazonian regions in Peru and are important allies in supporting sustainable forest management.

Arbol Internacional, promotes the care of the Amazon rainforest, hiring Shipibo rangers in the communities where more than 3k timber and fruit trees have been planted, contributing to sustainable development with a mixed system, where the Shipibo Conibo in the area can improve their quality. of life amid global health crises.

We invite you to get closer to the true face of the guardianship of the Peruvian Amazon because we understand that they are the ones who will care for and promote the development of cultural communities better than anyone else.

Donate to Arbol international or buy in the following section: to plant more trees in the Peruvian Amazon jungle.

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