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Until 50 years ago the Amazon was a virgin region with an abundance of trees, rivers, rains, and hundreds of tribes like the Shipibo Conibo in the area of Pucallpa Peru. Those who lived easily from fishing, hunting, and domestic agriculture. The demand for Amazonian products such as rubber in the Second World War, wood from trees, oil and gold from the subsoil, the cultivation, and processing of cocaine has brought destruction and poverty to its inhabitants.


At the same time, the planet is experiencing drastic climatic changes, putting at risk the future of the human race, dependent on rainfall, rivers, oxygen, and clouds that have been shown to come from the presence of trees.

The Tree, a Perfect Creation
to protect Human Life.

As science advances, it has been shown that the tree is not only a CO2 cleaner and an oxygen provider for human life, but that its presence is closely related to the preservation of fresh water in the form of clouds, rains, and rivers. . Through a phenomenon called perspiration, the leaves of a tree can evaporate 40 thousand gallons in a year.


This perspiration turns into clouds that transport water around the world called the aerial rivers. At the same time, the tree with its roots helps a subsoil water absorption system that not only prevents erosion but also facilitates the formation and conservation of rivers, avoiding filtration.

Current situation

The Shipibos Conibos have lost the trees that have protected them for thousands of years and in the last 50 years, they have been dramatically forced to belong to Western culture. By losing trees they have lost rivers, rains, fish, and animals with which they fed.


In the Pucallpa area, there is a tree called Bolaina, which matures in 7 years, on average. Help us to rebuild the jungle for the Shipibo and for the world with a mixed planting system with timber and fruit trees that will be able to feed them as quickly as in 7 months.


Donate $ 20.00 and get a Mixed planting system. Includes 1 Bolaina Tree and 2 Banana Trees.


Donate $ 1600 and get the planting of 1,000 (thousand) Bolaina Trees + 400 bananas.

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