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Our planet needs a rapid response to deforestation.

In America, parts of the country are experiencing exceptional drought, blistering heat waves, and out-of-control wildfires, while other areas are dealing with an increased number of tornadoes, flooding, and hurricanes.

Studies reveal that in the last 40 years alone, we have lost 25% of the Amazon rainforest.

This deforestation has brought not only famine to the Amazonians due to the loss of native animals and fruits but is also impacting the global environment with countries around the world reporting extreme weather conditions. 

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Through a process called transpiration, a large, mature tree in the Amazon can release more than 100 gallons of water per day.

Thanks to the winds and the rotation of the earth, these clouds travel around the globe protecting us against the UV light and heat of the sun and serving as the most important source of rain around the world.



The Santa Clara Native Community is located on the left side of the shore of the Yarinacocha lagoon in the Peruvian jungle. This project has 1000 planted trees promoted by our reforestation and community development system. With your donation, you can become one of our world planters and a member of the world community.


Nuevo Israel is located in the Amazon rainforest of Ucayali in Peru, we have contacted farmers capable of seder their lands for agricultural work and Reforestation. For 2 dollars you can plant a Tree here Now.

Let's bring development and hope to these families. We have the opportunity to curb the environmental impact by planting trees today.

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