During the last 10 years, we have created a team of professionals and local natives, and we have developed a micro business focused on fighting malnourishment and saving the amazon.

"Our plan is to own a 30-acre deforested tract of land which if reforested and responsibly harvested, will create a permanent forest area and economic income, which will allow us to educate the community and will replicate this self-sustainable model in other deforested areas of the Amazon in only 5 years."
Jorge Zuniga

Industrial Engineer

Registered Nurse in the USA


The solution must be centered on caring for one of the most beautiful treasures of the Amazon, the trees. That is why we are named "Arbol" with means tree in Spanish.

"We have developed a
self-sustained business "

Currently the Amazon is under great threat due to deforestation from illegal lumber trade, cocaine, agro-industrial farming, and the increased global demand for timber products and land.

Studies reveal that in the last 40 years alone we have lost 25% of the Amazon rainforest!. This deforestation has brought not only famine to the Amazonians due to the loss of native animals and fruits but is also impacting the global environment. It has brought drought around the world, and in America alone, it has increased wildfires, super hurricanes, and tornadoes in areas that didn’t use to suffer from them.
The amazing trees of the Amazon rainforest use transpiration to pull water from underground and release it into the atmosphere where it condenses to become clouds.

Studies have shown that a single maple tree in America releases to the atmosphere 40 to 60 gallons of water per hour, a mature tree in the Amazon releases much more than that. Thanks to the winds, which circulate in the atmosphere and the rotation of the earth, these clouds travel around the globe protecting us against the UV light of the sun, heat, and are the most important source of rain around the world. Studies have shown that if we continue in our current path of consumption without reforesting the Amazon it will be gone in less than 100yrs killing the planets greatest source of oxygen, remover of carbon dioxide, protection from heat, and worldwide an important source of rain, water which is essential for human life.
The international team of professionals with Arbol International has concluded that education and the self-sustainability of business are not enough anymore.
We have engaged in a serious commitment to reforest the land of the communities in the jungle.