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Soup Kitchen "Ibucha"


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After the Pandemic,  Many Old People and Children were Abandoned.

Juanita is a 75-year-old woman with serious knee ailments due to rheumatism and osteoarthritis that afflicts her. She manages to cover her knee with a bandage taken from an old scrap from among her things. Also with her swollen feet it is almost impossible for her to cook every day.

Juanita is part of our SOUP KITCHEN called "IBUCHA" name in Quechua, precisely because of the affection that people had for Don Ibo, a man with a great spirit of work and big dreams of a better future for his children and friends in deep Peru.

High levels of anemia

Our goal is to open nutritious breakfasts for children in the area. With your help, We Can Achieve it.


The pandemic has left many elderly people in a state of neglect.

With 2 dollars you can feed an old man or child in San José de Yarinacocha. Peruvian Amazone.


We Had To Do Something
and Soon.

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